The Basement Documentary Update

Editing is moving along. I now have the bulk of the interviews finished and am busy arranging the clips. I should have that finished in the next week or two and will be able to begin writing the narrative that will help me with the backstory and to tie the whole project together. There only remains one interview, and that is scheduled for the end of this week. What a way to finish 2016! After that, I only have some b-roll left to film and can take care of that early spring. This will be good timing for it because what remains will be the denouement, and I’m excited to cap this project with a strong and clean ending.

More post-production work remains, in addition to compiling and readying the music for the soundtrack. That has been a difficult task to say the least. With so many people¬†to track down, I’ve spread myself thin with handling both the editor and producer roles. That’s not a complaint to say the least. I am very proud of how all this is coming together and can’t wait to present a finished product.


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