Working on the Video for Mulder, It’s Me

Earwig Live Sessions: Vol. 1 – Fearwig

On Friday the 13th (2017), we were invited to a special event at Earwig Studio by Mulder, It’s Me. It was the brainchild of Bobby Heinson. Together with Don Farwell at Earwig Studio, Mulder It’s Me, and Deviant Kind Productions, we had a hell of a time.

The event itself was a live performance that was recorded in the studio that evening with a very select audience in attendance. The purpose was to get a live feel on the recording without wrecking the studio by having too many people there. Deviant Kind was hired to film and edit the experience. The process is almost complete and we finished a quick promo video as a teaser for the forthcoming production.

The full length will be published soon!!

One thought on “Working on the Video for Mulder, It’s Me

  1. The Mulder, It’s Me video has been officially finished and is published complete on my YouTube page. I was asked by the band to create a black and white stylized version of the full length product. Even though the individual songs are in color.

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