Instructional Design Portfolio


This section includes links to courses I worked on that highlight some of my work.A screen shot of the Getting Started Module that shows the pages in the module.

Introduction to Accessibility

I created this course as an online workshop for faculty. The idea was to provide faculty with the basic tools of accessibility using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. It is an introduction to the fundamentals of accessibility as a whole in addition to giving faculty some hands-on experience with using those tools. We taught them how to create an accessible syllabus and an accessible PowerPoint presentation as the two capstone assignments in the three-week workshop. Explore the Introduction to Accessibility Workshop

Online Learning Workshop (OLW)

I designed the OLW in conjunction with the eLearning Director to be an introduction for students to using Canvas. The pedagogy driving the OLW is an introduction to students new to the online learning environment and the course functions as a four-day workshop that runs just prior to the beginning of the quarter and is facilitated by experienced online instructors. Explore the Online Learning Workshop (OLW)

Module Zero

Module Zero is a basic compilation of resources for students. These included hyperlinks to both help and video guides for the most commonly used tools in the LMS. The module itself was designed to be used in any course, so it contains no course-specific information. I developed this module to support the eLearning Department’s vision to create template materials that would ease student access to online courses. Explore the Module Zero

English 201

Because I teach English, I use principles of best practices and UDL to guide me in my own course design. I’ve applied what I’ve learned from Quality Matters to refine it also. Explore the English 201 online course.

Getting Started Module Template

The Getting Started Module template was a project I designed as a way to get faculty to build their courses to be more student friendly. Because giving students a clear point of entry and consistent navigation is highly important in design, I worked to create a template for faculty to import into their courses. This is a template design that allows faculty to change parts to suit their courses. It was originally included in the Summer Institute 2015 and has been taught multiple times to both groups and individuals. Explore the Getting Started Module Template

Summer Institute 2016

The Summer Institute 2016 is the second and most recent occurrence of the summer training workshop eLearning offers at Bellevue college. I did the bulk of the project management work in addition to writing the workshop outcomes and designing the presentation sequence.
Explore the Summer Institute 2016


A blurry screenshot of the Canvas Dashboard.This section includes links to videos I created either for a course I was working on or for faculty who needed one.


The title slide for the Canvas Gradebook presentation. It is on the Bellevue College blue template PowerPoint slide deck.This section includes PowerPoints from presentations I’ve created or facilitated.