This Definite Sky

This Definite Sky
The cover image of the self titled album by This Definite Sky. It is a closeup view of a clock face in black and white. The clock face has the resemblance of a timer.

Skunk Rider

Smoke Serpent
The cover image of Smoke Serpent by Skunk Rider. It is a green drawing of a smoke serpent or dragon coming out of an incense pot.

Four Fathoms

The cover image of Demotivation by Four Fathoms. The album cover is a 3D image of a diver underwater in an old style diving suit.

Definite Beast

Holographic Sky
The cover image of Holographic Sky by Definite Beast. The album cover is a pencil drawing of lines that form a shape resembling a chrysanthemum that is overlaid on a background of leaves.