Publishing Invited After a Fest Run

Ever have one of those projects you feel really lucky to have been part of? Well, the 48 hour horror film project of 2022 was one of them.

Let’s jump in the way back machine and start this story a year ago. I was in a bit of a funk after the COVID lockdown and had really drifted from the creative community. I was at a point where I had no successful creative projects–no music, no film, no podcasts. Nothing, and I was feeling pretty dismal about the whole thing.

Suddenly there was a bunch of chatter on the internet about crew calls for the 48hfp. I needed something to kick start my funk, so I joined a team. That team ended up being SubliminalEd Films–headed by Ed Castañeda. I didn’t know anyone on the team, but we all worked hard and pulled together to tell an interesting story. I captured lavalier audio and helped wherever the production needed. I also ended up doing sound design and remixing in post.

Working on Invited was the kick in the ass that I needed and I’ve spent the time since diving deep into projects and work, and I’m very grateful for that. So the lesson, like always, is to get to it and not let things pass by. Success is measured by showing what you’ve done or can do and not by talking about it.

It has been a successful year for Invited on a festival run, and I’m happy that the project is now published for everyone to watch. Enjoy the film.

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