Sound in September


I did sound capture on set of Bones for SubliminalEd Films. It was a fun, hot shoot as we spend a long day in an RV. In order to have space for the crew and talent inside the location, we had to keep everything as compact as possible. Of course, having a single actor significantly cuts the work load for audio as I only had to monitor the boom and 1 lav. Using the stripped down set up of a Zoom F3 worked like a charm because it could handle the load with easy and I didn’t have a ton of equipment on set that I didn’t need.

Bones is a microshort designed for the specific purpose of a festival run with 3 minute run requirements. We shot Bones at the end of August and then had all of September for post. I got to handle the sound design and mixing for this project on top of the capture.


Blue is a project in which I wore many, many hats. I conceived of the story, wrote, directed, edited, (etc.) Blue this year, and it has been a ton of work. I very much enjoyed this project, but I had to take some time off over the summer before returning to revision work. Blue showed in a group of shorts at the Blue Mouse Theater in Tacoma, and it was well received. I felt it needed another round of revisions in the edit, but I had been working so much on it that I needed a break from the project. Taking a couple of months off from the edit proved to be refreshing for my brain as I was able to more easily see the flab in the edit.

Long story longer, I finished the edit and brought Blue back into the DAW to work on sound design and audio editing during the last week of September. It is a great feeling to watch this project come to a close and be put out into the world on a larger scale. At the writing of this, Blue is with the composer with score notes and will be finished for a fall/winter fest run shortly.

Freak in the Trees

Freak in the Trees was the final sound project I worked on in September. This particular project is one in a series of 1 minute shorts that I have been making with the goal of shooting and editing the entire thing to have a finished product in a day. The last few of these, I have approached like I film music videos and give direction while the camera is rolling since all audio is handled in post. It’s a fun exercise and a good way to change perspective on creative projects.

With the very short turnaround time, I spent a total of 3.5 hours doing sound design, scoring, and audio mixing. I had a good time making Freak in the Trees and can’t wait for it premiere on Halloween.